Hello and welcome to my site! This is a product of my "awakening" back in late 2015 when I encountered a documentary entitled "Anatomy of a Great Deception" by documentarian David Hooper. This was 14 years after 9/11/01 and 11 years after I had deployed to Iraq in 2004 as part of Operation Iraq Freedom.  In the interim I retired from the Army, earned two Bachelor degrees in Business and History, and have since retired from the Postal Service as well. Most American citizens are unaware about things which still affect our nation due to 9/11/01 and subsequent events, including this Covid 19 "Plandemic." These are Events which are leading us further away from the Constitution, OUR PRECIOUS Bill of Rights, and what our founding father's intended for us as their posterity, and evermore into our enslavement.  I bring up this documentary because it reveals factual, visual evidence regarding the way 3 buildings came down on that terrible morning, 9/11/01. I refer to Controlled Demolition. This takes months to plan and set the charges in precise locations in order to bring down buildings of that size. WTC building 7 came down at 5:20 pm that evening, but it was NOT hit by a plane. There is no way Arabs could have gotten access to the inner core of those buildings on a daily basis in order to plant that many charges. "Truth is stranger than fiction." If you consider yourself an American Patriot, I ask you to take your time here. These documentaries have been uploaded for you, "My Fellow Patriot," in order to compel your sense of patriotism towards a different definition than what we've been led to believe that definition should be. I hope you will come to the same conclusion I have, and realize we need another 1776 style REVOLUTION! NOW! 





Watching This Film was My "Red Pill Moment."

Why Do You Think Neo Took the Red Pill and not the Blue One? Will You Take the Red Pill and Watch This?

 Adolph Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told! Incredible Film! "The Lies Will Not Always Hide The Truth!"

(Right-Click for Full Screen)


"Honest Jews" Describe Plays, Orchestra, Soccer Teams, etc At AUSCHWITZ-Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..

"Honest" Jews?

    Europa, The Last Battle, Part 1-What One Human Being is Capable of Doing to Another is Beyond My Comprehension-Prepare YourSelf As You Watch This-Find the Rest of This Incredible/Censured Documentary Here: https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/watch/

Europa, The Last Battle, Part 1

Mr. Benjamin Freedman, A Former Jew Shares the "Real Deal" About  Them In a Speech He Gave At the Willard Hotel, Washington D.C. 1961                                                       

When She was Younger, This Wonderful Woman, Monica Schaefer, challenged her German mother, asking why didn't German People try to stop the "Holocaust?" "How Could You Let This Happen?"She asked sincerely...She was imprisoned in Germany for making this video-her apology to her mother....

   Mr William Cooper, Former Briefer To the Pacific Naval      Fleet Commander on Intelligence Matters, Predicted                                  9/11/01 In June of 2001....

Understanding Jewish Rituals-Blood Libel....These People are NOT OUR FRIENDS!

True Patriot William Cooper, Foretold 9/11 in June 2001!

David Cole, Himself a Jew, Disproves the Holocaust

The Film that woke me up!

      No Law Requiring Citizens to Pay an Income Tax??

   Dr Alan Sobrosky, Vietnam Marine Veteran and Director of Studies at the Army War College, Reveals The REAL Culprits Behind 9/11/01-Hint: It was not Arabs!

Mr Aaron Russo Discusses His Foreknowledge About                                            9/11/01

Dr Alan Sobrosky Reveals the Guilty Culprits of 9/11/01

     Professionals, Architects and Engineers Speak Out

                                About 9/11/01!

  HellStorm, The Real Holocaust Suffered by Ethnic Germans-During and After WWII

Psychologists Explain Reasons the Truth about 9/11/01 is so Difficult for People to Deal With and Accept...

  "Anti-Semitism is a Trick, We Always Use it" A Jewess    Confesses the Truth

Five Dancing Israelis on 9/11/01?? Celebrating the Deaths of 3000 of Our Fellow Americans? Whatsup With That??

5 Dancing Israelis Seen Celebrating as 3000 of our Fellow Americans were Dying!

Jews Expelled From Various Countries 359 Times Historically? There Must be Good Reasons! Very Good                                        Reasons!

"6 Million Jews" Began appearing in Jewish-owned Newspapers around the late 1800s...to prepare the minds of the masses for the lie to come....The HoloHoax

"We The People" Are being Brain-washed and Manipulated via Propaganda and Lies we are "force-fed" on a daily basis! Watch Below:

         Israel Attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967! 34 Sailors and Marines were Murdered in Cold Blood!                    These People ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion-The Plan for

the New/Jew World Order....

Interesting Observations-MetaPhysics of The gods....

Deliberately Hidden 9/11 Footage....

Are We Sheeple or American Patriots?!

Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy-Our Last Un-Controllable/Non-Puppet President. This is The Reason He Was Murdered :-/

The Incredibly Evil Jewish Talmud! It Affects You and I More Than We Realize....

"Freedom To Breathe Agency." Links to useful tools in the upper left corner of the page...


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US Army Veteran of Iraq, Egypt, Korea, Bosnia, Germany, Panama, etc 

Two Bachelor Degrees in Business and History

The "Federal Reserve" is Not Even Federal and the Income Tax is UnConstitutional!

Without The Constitution and Bill of Rights, We Have No Country!

OUR Bill of Rights!

An Interview with Harold Rosenthal, A Jew Who Knew The Real Deal-He May Have Revealed More Than He Was Supposed to in this Interview back in 1976-He was killed a week afterward...

More Good News, Citizen Reporters....My dear Mother used to tell me: "Son don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see." She was right about 9/11/01 and she's right about this Covid "Planned-demic!"


"We The People" Must Get up off our Knees! Bent but Not Broken!

Remember This as a Kid?

"It's Just a Mask"

Rothschilds 25 Steps to World Domination....

Jews-The REAL Enemy of Black People....

ISRAELI IDF SNIPERS KILLING AMERICAN SOLDIERS AND MARINES IN IRAQ???!!! But they're our allies in the ME right? WRONG! Warning: Disturbing footage, (at least for me as an Iraqi Freedom Veteran)

Is Religion merely a tool used by the "powers that be" to control the masses? Watch and decide for yourself....Caesars Messiah.....

"When asking what the Germans did to the Jews, one must first ask what the Jews did to the Germans...."

Afghanistan War Exposed-The "War on Terror" is a smokescreen covering up One of the real motives-stealing natural resources

from people and lands that have not harmed us whatsoever....US Troops Guarding Opium Fields???? WHATHAHELL?!

"Three Things Cannot Long Be Hidden, The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth." Buddha

Religion: Can YoU Handle The Truth?

Ancient Evil-a 2000 year old Torah discovered in Turkey -

Watch for yourself and decide for yourself-see:

https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/02/12/discovery-of-ancient-torah-proves-jews-worship-satan/It is said the Jews are "God's Chosen People," but no one asks which "god?" ​

An excellent question! Why haven't we seen Americans falling over in the streets from this Planned-demic like we seen in China??? If it is really such a deadly virus? 

A professional voice of reason and common sense in a panic-stricken population 

Jews in Power....

More "Truth Revealing" Websites.....

The term "racist" is a product of Jewish thinking since it was coined by Mass-murderer 

Leon Trotsky, Jewish/Bolshevik/Communist leader of the Red Army beginning in 1917 Russia....Pause this slideshow so you can read for yourself the way these people think.

Israel-Palestine The Basics

Justice for Germans-Probably the most abused, used, and lied about race/culture/ethnicity in the last century.....rethink WWII, rethink the holohoax, rethink Adolph Hitler! Watch Adolph Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

"AntiSemitism" occurs as a natural response to Jewish influence and behavior upon any society they inhabit and proceed to corrupt....

An Interview with Ms Monica Schaefer....